“I’m a Good Guy, I Promise”

Listen, I get it. Wives, children, careers… You have a lot to lose.  No one wants to be the next Elliot Spitzer, or Anthony Weiner, or any other publicly disgraced professional who had the bad luck of getting caught with his proverbial (or worse, literal) pants around his ankles.  You’ve worked so hard to get where you are, you’ll be damned if you’re going to expose yourself to the kind of career ending, family ruining nightmare that can come from being “outed” as the kind of man who hires escorts.  You’re a good guy! You’re not some psychopath with a trunk full of chloroform and rope. You just want to meet a beautiful girl, have a great time, and go back to your real life. Do you really need to go through all of this?

…Yes. Yes you do.

You see, we all value our privacy.  But my safety relies on you relinquishing some of yours. When I agree to meet you, I’m agreeing to give you unsupervised access to my personal space and body.  Generally, I have a very short amount of time to decide if that’s a good idea or not.  Screening you is how I make that decision. For every genuine “good guy” out there, there are countless creeps, stalkers, abusers, and criminals just waiting for an escort to let them slip through the cracks and into her life. Your biggest concern is people finding out about your hobby.  My biggest concern is not ending up hurt, missing… or worse.


And here’s the other thing— I don’t want to expose you.  I don’t want to blackmail you.  I don’t want to hurt your family or your career or your social life.  I want to feel comfortable meeting you, have an incredible time together, and get back to my real life.  If I were to run around sharing your personal information, or showing up at your job, calling your house without your permission, or whatever it is you think I might do with your screening info, I’d be out of a job! Discretion is such a fundamental part of this world that were it to get around that I couldn’t be trusted, I would never book another appointment.  So believe me when I say that your secret is safe with me.

Still feeling a little skittish? That’s okay. We all have our boundaries.  If you still think I’m asking too much, go with your gut. Just don’t waste my time trying to get me to agree with you.

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