What’s in a Name? A Whole Lot, Actually…

“Baby, when are you going to tell me your real name? I want to know the real you.”

No, my friend, you do not.

The woman who you’ve become so enamored of is a work of delicious fiction. Ava St. Claire is an ethereal being made of peach-scented champagne bubbles and cheeky bon mots. While that clock is ticking, she’s the perfect woman: insatiable in bed, delightful over dinner, always ready to anticipate your every need; and, cater to your every whim. Of course you’re mad for her! That’s the very experience you’re paying for. A good escort works tirelessly every moment that you’re together to be the person of your dreams. A better escort does so with joy. The best escorts make you forget that they’re working at all; but at the end of the day, each and every one of us is, in fact, working.

Of course, I can’t speak for every escort out there, but I think it’s safe to say that most of us have a professional self and a private self. Sure there’s some overlap, but without at least a few clearly defined boundaries between the two, things can get messy pretty quickly. One of the most universal ways that we do this is by creating an alias. Before almost any other step in our journey into heaux-life, we baptize ourselves with a new name and, with that, we’re granted the freedom to become someone else.

And frankly, that’s a good thing! Our job is one of fantasy. We create perfect, beautiful moments that float above the drudgery of everyday life; but, there’s no way we can do that for you if we drag our own real life bullshit with us on every date. Jane Doe might be a full-time student struggling with bills, IBS, children, a father with Alzheimer’s, and a leaky kitchen sink. But once she slaps on some red lipstick and steps out the door to become her escort alter-ego— let’s call her Veronica Spanx— she’s a glamorous bon vivant without a care in the world, other than making sure the envelope is right. Now be honest, who are you going to drop thousands of dollars to spend the night with? Jane or Veronica? Exactly!

So when you ask us for our real names, you’re effectively poking holes in our carefully-constructed fantasy and, at that point, what’s the difference between us and any other woman out there? The beauty of hiring an escort is that you get all of the fun and magic of a relationship without most of the real-life concerns that usually accompany that kind of intimacy. Once you start trying to pull back the curtain to see the fully fleshed out human woman behind it— complete with all of her flaws, weaknesses, and needs— you’re defeating the very purpose of being with us in the first place. So don’t ruin the illusion by trying to dig into our personal lives and get at the “real” us. Just appreciate and enjoy the fascinating, fabulous people we are when we’re on the clock. Chances are, those people are much more fun than whoever we are in our downtime. Still don’t believe me? Here’s just a glimpse of what you’re “missing out on” when you’re with Ava St. Claire and not the real me:


See what I mean? 😉




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