About Me

A working model by 3 and a published author by 9, I was raised to appreciate both brains and beauty.

I’m an aesthete and bibliophile with a thirst for knowledge that’s rivaled only by my passion for life’s more sensual pleasures. I have my mother’s fiery latin soul, my father’s cool British sophistication, and a seductive, exotic look that’s all my own. Come discover what it feels like to have it all with me on your arm.

Conversation comes easily to me and I will to put you at ease from the moment I walk in the door. My bright, beautiful smile will warm you, my deep, soulful eyes will entrance you, and my lithe dancer’s body will excite you. Dress me up or dress me down, I’m ready for anything and have the shoes for every occasion.

Upcoming Travel Dates

Uh oh… Doesn’t look like I have any travel plans at the moment. Why not fly me to you? 💋

On any given day you can find me…

  • Covered in flour, rolling out fresh pasta dough
  • Balancing precariously in Crane pose during hot yoga class
  • Plucking out “Moon River” on my ukulele
  • Screaming myself hoarse at an Orlando Magic game
  • Working up a sweat in a ballroom dance class
  • Belting Rosemary Clooney tunes at karaoke
  • Crafting the perfect Bloody Mary
  • Learning French (oh la la!)
  • Spending far too much money at the bookstore
  • Watching Doctor Who, sonic screwdriver in hand
  • Binge watching documentaries on HBO
  • Seducing the Sunshine State one encounter at a time

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