We all value our privacy, but my safety relies on you relinquishing some of yours.

To ensure my safety and peace of mind, all new clients will be screened. But don’t panic– I will do everything in my power to make sure that the entire process is as quick, easy, and discreet as possible.

Should you prefer to remain anonymous, or are unwilling to submit to my screening process, it is best that you find a different companion. Screening is non-negotiable.

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About You

Employment Verification

Please provide a company email address (nothing @gmail, @yahoo, etc.). You will be sent a 5-digit verification code from a discreet, unlisted email account.  Once you receive the code, simply email it to me at


If you have declined to provide a work email address for employment verification, I require the contact information for at least two providers that you have seen within the last 12 months.

Appointment Details


Have a question? Want to share some details about our upcoming appointment? Simply want to let me know how excited you are to meet? Here's your chance! Just remember, please be a gentleman.  Graphic, lewd, or suggestive messages are the quickest way to ensure that you will not receive a response.

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