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Taking the Stress Out of Fly Me to You Dates…

Sometimes, you just want to see a provider who’s hot and ready. Like a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, they’re easily accessible and totally satisfying. But when you’ve got your eye on a certain someone, there’s only one way to ensure that you’ll get to see them exactly when and where you want. Fly them […]

Stay in Your Lane

In this industry, there are few gifts that inspire less gratitude than unsolicited advice. You know, the innocuous seeming suggestions that people seem confident in making about nearly every aspect of sex workers’ professional and personal lives.         “You know honey, you’d get a lot more clients if you just…”       […]

The Big, Scary Racism Post (Part II)

Welcome to Part II of my Big, Scary Racism Post! Don’t worry, it’s the last part. I promise I’ll be hopping off my soapbox soon enough. You think you’re tired of hearing me (and half of Heaux Twitter) talking about how prejudices surrounding race and ethnicity affect us? Imagine living with those prejudices every day […]

The Big, Scary Racism Post (Part I)

Disclaimer: Before we get into this subject— which for many of us is complicated, fraught, sensitive, and deeply personal— I want to make a few things clear. First and foremost, regardless of what I say, remember the source. I’m not a sociologist, anthropologist, or any other -gist. I’m an escort who writes a blog that […]

“Meet. Eat. F*#%.” is Not a Plan

Despite popular opinion, there’s more to seeing an escort than secret, furtive meetings in poorly lit hotels. Sometimes, we’re booked to enhance an experience and ::gasp:: actually be seen in public with our clients. Yes, that’s right— wanton women (and men!) being allowed to socialize with the unsuspecting public. Eating at the same restaurants, visiting […]

Heaux-Twitter for Dummies (And You)

Imagine you’re walking through your local mall. You aren’t really hungry, but you smell something delicious wafting towards you from the food court. So, you take a little detour and discover a friendly lady standing in front of one of the stalls holding out a tray of steaming hot pieces of… whatever. She smiles warmly […]

I Don’t Ask Questions…

The majority of my clients are married. Their wedding bands glint in the candlelight over dinner, as much a part of their hands as a fingernail and given just about as much thought. Or sometimes they’ll slip them off before I arrive and tuck them away in some pocket, out of sight and out of […]

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